Gnome-Pie 0.2!


Today I “officially” release a new version of Gnome-Pie! There are many new features since the program was made public three weeks ago.

The most important additions are:

  • Keyboard control: It’s now possible to navigate throw your pies with the keyboard using the arrow keys. Additionally each slice of a pie can be activated with a hot key: The numbers 0-9 (and if that’s not sufficient the letters a-z) are assigned clockwise to each slice. So you only need to press the according key to activate the desired action! You can hold down the ALT key in order to show the hot key on each slice.
  • Fake transparency: No ugly black background on not-composited desktops anymore!
  • Launcher creation: You can drag’n'drop the pies from the configuration menu to your desktop in order to create a launcher which will open the according pie!
  • Custom icons: The icons of slices and pies don’t have to be in your icon theme anymore, you can select arbitrary image files from your system now.
  • Translation: Magnunleno was so kind to translate Gnome-Pie to Brazilian Portuguese. Thanks a lot!
  • Hints: At the bottom of the pie list in the settings menu a slide-show of tips is displayed.
  • Code improvements: Libappindicator has been removed as required dependency and libgnome-menus-3 can be used instead of libgnome-menus now.
  • Bug fixes: And, of course, many minor bugs have been fixed.

Here are some impressions of the new version in action! Please send feedback and bug reports to code(at) or create an issue at

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  1. Amol says:

    Hi !

    Its very cool application to launch application. I would like to request you please make a fedora repo for gnome-pie too…it would be really great !!!

    thanks in advance

  2. FabriceV says:

    Great! Really great! But…
    Especially when using the “main menu” pie, I’d like to see the descriptive text automatically displayed by the side of the icons. I do not immediately remember the meaning of each icon. That could be an optional feature.

    • FabriceV says:

      So, currently I have to move the cursor over the direction of many icons before to discover the text of the one I wanted to clic.

    • Simon says:

      Hi there!

      If you’re using Gnome-Pie for the main menu you really should use a theme which displays the caption of each slice on the center. Displaying this caption at each icon would clutter the pie unnecessarily, in my opinion, wouldn’t it?


      Just read your second comment: Alright then, you’re already using such a theme – just use it for some time, you’ll remember very fast where your desired pie/slice is, believe me. And it looks simply much better this way!

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  4. mark says:

    Gnome-pie is awesome piece of work. I truly love it. Thank you!

    I just wish you could do one thing. If the mouse pointer is outside of the pie, please don’t let it trigger anything. It is dangerous to accidentally execute actions that the user might not have intended to do.

    Take this for example. Normally when I right-click say on a browser or the desktop out pops a menu. If I click on another part of the screen outside the menu’s area, that previous menu will go away having done nothing for me.

    This is not true for Gnome-pie. Pop a pie, left-click anywhere on the screen that is outside of the pie and it will execute the closest app or action in line with the mouse pointer.

      • Simon says:

        Sorry, but I won’t change this basically. Maybe (if there is more request for this feature – in fact you’re the first to ask for it) I’ll make it an option in the settings menu.

        Please consider: this is _the_ feature of Gnome-Pie which makes it superior to other menus: You can select actions extremely fast because you can click anywhere on the screen — you just have to throw your mouse approximately in the right direction, you don’t have to point to a tiny button!

        Of course this is unusual at first, but very powerful in the end… and if you decide to cancel the opened pie you just have to click with your right mouse button once. I hope you’ll get used to it… won’t you?

        • Riccardo says:

          I totally agree with you Simon. That could be an option disabled by default at maximum. Clicking everywhere on the screen is just a too comfortable feature to decide to remove it.
          It’s like being again in my nanosuit :)
          Great work :)

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  7. Jonthue says:

    Hello I have been having a problem of adding programs from my Ubuntu 11.10 main menu. Every-time I drag a program while holding the left key to the Applications Pie it dose not show its being added or anything I hope you may help me on that since I see so much AWESOMENESS!!! in your app.

    • Simon says:

      Well, actually there is nothing special here: Search for your desired app in the dash, drag’n'drop its icon to the pie of your choice — this really should work.

      If it really does not work, there is a workaround I can propose: Open your file manger and navigate to /usr/share/applications (starting at the root file system) — in this folder all your application launchers are. You can drag’n'drop those to gnome-pie as well. If this doesn’t work either, we’ll have to investigate further…

      • Jonthue says:

        Yep it dose not work. Dose not have a slight indication of it being added to my pie, the only thing i am able to do is add it manual which is the right click option.

        • Simon says:

          Humm… strange. Can you please exit Gnome-Pie and then launch it from a terminal (by typing gnome-pie) and look if it prints something when you try to drop something?


          Ohh, I just found a bug, which is likely to cause your error! I updated the PPA, wait some minutes — then check your update-manager! (The update should arrive in 10-20 minutes…)

  8. Jonthue says:

    nothing, even the pies i just created was erased. I will send you a short link to a video so you can see for yourself Simon.

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  10. chal says:

    Hi, I like this soo much, great app, I dont know if anyone has ever did this but I like if I can use the gnome pie as my windows switcher so I dont have to do expose each time I want to switch windows in gnome 3, just Ctrl+escape (my fav keybinding) and there the list of windows!! can you make it as a native feature pls…

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