Gnome-Pie 0.4!

Gnome-Pie 0.4

It took some time but here we go: I proudly present Gnome-Pie 0.4! Two major things have changed since the last release.

GTK3 port

Gnome-Pie has been ported to GTK3. Therefore its configuration interface looks much better on recent desktops. At the same time I kept it backward compatible — so it can be compiled against both: GTK2 and GTK3. When configuring, Gnome-Pie automatically detects whether the GTK3 development files are installed. If so, it will use them, else it will search for GTK2 headers!

New settings menu

As visible in the screenshot above: The entire configuration dialog has been pimped! There were so many usability issues in the last version, so that I re-wrote it from scratch. It’s much more intuitive now! The final version is very close to my previous mockups. You can edit your Pies with a preview, which is nearly WYSIWYG! I hope you’ll have a very good time using this new settings menu…

Known Problems

Some Translations aren’t ready yet. They’ll be updated as soon as they are complete. Any other bugs which are found, will be fixed with this version 0.4.1 as well. Another problem is a bug in Ubuntu’s overlay-scrollbars: If there is a modal dialog (that’s a window which prohibits any input to its parent window) with overlay scrollbars inside (e.g. “Save as…”-dialogs), the dialog is not modal anymore. Therefore the user can click in the parent window as if there wasn’t a modal dialog in front of it.

Since many of Gnome-Pie’s dialogs have scrollbars, this modality won’t work as supposed. Simply don’t click into the main window, when a dialog is opened…

Here’s a little preview video, show-casing the new menu:

I need your help!

I really like working on Gnome-Pie — and you can help improving it! There are many people sending mails to me, praising the possibilities Gnome-Pie offers to them. But I think it can be even better! Let’s try to improve this piece of software together! There are multiple things you can do in order to become a part of Gnome-Pie’s history:

Translate Gnome-Pie!

This is really easy: There is an easy-to-follow step-by-step-guide available!

Create Themes for Gnome-Pie!

If you have some ideas on how Gnome-Pie should look: It’s easy to create new themes! I would love to include some true art in this software! There is an comprehensive guide as well.

Code for Gnome-Pie!

If you know Vala or are willing to learn (it’s incredibly easy, like C# — you’ll love this language if you happen to know C++ or Java), you may check the issues at Or you may introduce a total new feature you always wanted in Gnome-Pie!


If you can’t afford the time to do the stuff mentioned above, but still want to help — you can help improving this software by buying some drinks for a poor student! You can do this with Flattr or by donating via PayPal. If you happen to dislike PayPal, send a mail to and we can chat about this!


What do you think? Do you like the change? Drop your opinion in the comments! Please report any bugs you find as soon as possible. I fear there are some bugs inside…

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